Pet Identification

Learn more about our new pet identification services in Swansea, IL below.


Pet Identification


Getting lost is the single biggest threat to your pet’s life. Ten million pets are lost each year, with less than 10% returning home. At Lashley Animal Hospital, we are trying to increase the number of pets that return to their families by recommending microchip implantation and collar tags to our patients. You’ll find we are one of only two local hospitals to donate a microchip scanning device to the Belleville Humane Society to help ensure your pets can be safely returned home in the event they are lost.

Microchipping for dogs and cats is a simple procedure. A microchip about the size of a grain of rice (12 mm) is injected beneath the surface of your pet’s skin between their shoulder blades. This process is similar to a routine shot and only takes a few seconds – no anesthetic is required.

We use numeric microchips. If your pet is lost and arrives at our facility or local animal shelter, a scanner will read the microchip and a number will be traced back to your last known address through a national organization. It is up to you to update your information by contacting us and the national organization in the event you move or your contact information changes.

It is also important for your pets to have collars with tags. While this method is not as reliable as microchipping, they provide an effective way to identify your pet. Many municipalities require the use of dog tags in their communities, so please contact your local municipality to find out if a pet tag is required in your area.