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Veterinary Services

At Lashley Animal Hospital, we provide your pet with an extensive range of routine and specialized veterinary care.  Our comprehensive veterinary services address your concerns in a friendly family atmosphere. We deeply appreciate the special relationship that exists between people and their pets and are proud to offer the follwing services to our community:

  • Annual VaccinationVeterinary Services in Belleville Illinois
  • Dental and Oral Care
  • Diagnostic Services
  • In House Pharmacy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Medical and Health Exams
  • New Pet Care
  • Pet Identtification&
  • Prescription Diets
  • Senior Pet Wellness
  • Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesia

“Dr. Lashley and his staff have provided exemplary health care for our “dog family” for over 20 years. They are knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and patient. They are thorough and quick to respond to any of our pets needs. We are so fortunate to be provded with such fine veterinary care. I would highly recommend Lashley Animal Hospital to care for any pet that is loved like a family member. Dr. Lashley and his staff are simply wonderful! – Cindy Horace Belleville, IL”